Advanced Website Development in the UK

Digital agency with the strongest expertise in design and creativity. We develop mobile and web products for start-ups and mature companies, we design complex trading platforms and e-commerce web sites as well as the integrated IT systems of mobile and web apps.

Website Development Expertise

Our team has been developing websites since 2009, and has since continued to improve its skills in this field.

When creating websites, we take into account not only the marketing and functional components, but also pay great attention to visualization. For us, any website is the face of the company, and the aesthetic component plays an important role. To understand our approach to website development, it is enough to get acquainted with our works, which are awarded with international awards and stand out among the works of competitors.

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Corporate Websites

We are an experienced web development company (from this point of view, we are quite versatile). In our cases you can find projects with different architecture, that form the basis of our portfolio. When developing, we use a unified approach: before the launch of the development we conduct a review of the competitors and analogues of the company’s approaches, the analysis of its target groups and their preferences.

Next step - we create a map of the communicative purposes of the client and his future website, and only after that we begin to work out a solution. This decision takes into account both the needs of the audience, and the tasks facing the company-customer.

We are advocates of an integrated approach to brand communications and view the website as one of its key carriers. In this context, the corporate website solves two basic tasks: detaching from the competitive environment and communicating emotional / rational advantages of the company brand to the audience.


Our team is mature enough to work with large web portals. Portal solutions give us the opportunity to fully use our methodology from the development of the content strategy to launching, post-production support. A significant part of success is determined by a qualitative approach to the first stages of design: the preparation of concepts and html-prototyping. Also a very important role is played by a clear understanding and management of risks, which, according to the laws of large numbers, grow many times with a large amount of development.

We offer not only services for the development of prototypes, design, programming and testing websites with complex architectures and large amounts of content - our key advantage is a great experience in successfully launching large industry portals and qualitative expertise not only in the development, but also in the management of similar projects.

Promo-sites and Landings

Websites of products and events are solutions that we regularly develop as stand-alone products, and often within the framework of our customers' comprehensive customer service. Among our cases, you can find many solutions for the real estate market, pharma and food (fmcg). In these cases, as a rule, we use a freer approach to visualizing the interface and try to do something more effective and interesting.

If the promo-project is a case, and we understand that we can realize something new in our portfolio, we often meet the client and offer special conditions for cooperation.

Online Stores

When developing e-commerce solutions, we pay much attention to the analysis of the semantic core of the future product taking into account the specificity of the customer's product items. This gives at the start an understanding of the priorities of the customer and take them into account when designing the interface of the future online store. We use both ready-made license platforms (1C Bitrix) and custom development - more so it is subject to the tasks and capabilities of the client. We have extensive experience of integration with various databases and pay great attention to the study of the design architecture and preliminary design. We try to use a rational approach to the interface, but at the same time we strive to make an actual attractive design.

At the moment, we pay particular attention to the "mobility" of e-commerce solutions - it is obvious that in the near future this will be a condition for success in the e-commerce market.

Social Networking Applications

Applications and web services for social networks provide tremendous opportunities for communication with the audience within this critical environment. We implement websites of any complexity for all key social networks, from developing ideas to final implementation. Most often, among our cases, you can find applications that support media companies of clients - these can be promo cases and games, or utilitarian services.

Cost and Terms

We offer solutions for customers with different budget levels. We are ready to offer solutions for companies with a variety of tasks and opportunities - for this in the partner there are simplified development regulations, which allow to obtain a high level of quality with less investment.

We are very, very serious about meeting the deadlines and we always keep our commitments. Strict adherence to the terms of implementation is one of the foundations of our client policy.

The calendar schedule (as well as the estimate) is one of the annexes to the development contract.

Average development time: 3-4 months. The more expensive the project, the more work it involves - the longer the development time.

Under the terms of the agreement, the partner is liable for the failure of the deadlines.

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Development of Clickable HTML Prototypes

A vision and a clear understanding of the "product at the output" by all the participants is one of the key conditions for its successful implementation. This is especially important for startups, when we are at the very first stage of development, when its basic idea (insight) is already clear, but its architectural and interface solutions are not formalized. Namely, the basic model provides an opportunity to conduct a preliminary assessment of the development and business planning, which are so important for its current and potential investors. To solve these problems, we implement a clickable html prototype. The prototype is a clickable html-skeleton - it's a convenient scheme, which reflects the information and navigation concept (idea) of the future website. It recreates the structure of information sections and functional content (services). The prototype allows you to see the future project with t.z. interface and its elements, and not at the level of often ambiguous words in the text of a general description of an idea or a brief on development. In its form it is very similar to the future application, its cost is incomparably smaller than the launch of MVP, and this is its main advantage. Later, the prototype becomes the basis for the development of the technical task of the project.

Development of Visual Application Concepts


Often, for the presentation of the project, potential investors do not have enough dry prototype - it is necessary to show the design of the interface, so that the audience does not need to dive into schematic models. In this case, we offer clients the development of the concept design of the project. After the creation of the HTML prototype, we stage-by-stage the key application screens that, after agreement, are also brought into the form of a clickable prototype. Those. in fact, it is about the next level of interface development, but without creating a software framework for the application. This stage is more expensive than the schematic HTML prototype, but it gives tangible benefits from t.z. vision of the future product and its re-introduction, in addition, in the future all this reduces the cost of its development.

Subscription Services and Support


Technical support is an important part in the life of a mobile application. Every week in the world there are new devices, the operating systems are updated periodically, the product itself needs to be updated in a timely manner, according to changes in the market. This is important for the application to satisfy the needs of the existing audience and attract a new one. Periodic updating plays a big role in the process of involving new users (the so-called "organic" traffic) and extending its life. In addition to the mobile client, there is also a question of supporting the server part of the project and its hosting.

There are also situations when our customers for some reason can not continue working with the application developer and want to transfer the project of another company. We are ready to work with projects developed outside of our company, we perform an initial audit of the application, and if it allows the quality of the source code and the architecture of the project, we implement the necessary improvements and take it for support.

We have all the capabilities and competencies to take on these tasks. Our experience shows that it often turns out to be cheaper and more efficient than self-supporting the project inside the company. We provide comprehensive control over the operation of the project and have competence in servicing the client's servers.