Web Development Company: Creating Great Projects

Our web development company specialises in programming, design and promotion of web projects for corporations and e-commerce. We create effective web solutions for our customers.

About us

Web development is our passion. By improving our skills for nearly a decade, and thinking about some new projects and how to implement them days and nights, our programmers becoming IT experts.

We create websites with a pleasant and intuitive design with attractive interaction and quick speed of loading to be loved by users. This design does not go out of fashion, and in a few years will be as clear and enjoyable to you and your users.

Complete web development: our products are thoughtful, recognizable, memorable and effective. And our web development company offers our partners and customers a full cycle of web services: the development of your company’s identity, the creation of design and layout of the web page, its software, content, advertising and promotion, technical support.

For this, we have developed our own system for supporting websites.

  • Reliably protected from hacker attacks: you can be calm - your databases are completely safe.
  • Easily scaled. When your business drastically goes uphill, you do not need a new web resource development and additional funds. We can painlessly increase the site - and add from 5 to 20,000 pages.
  • Simply managed. You yourself from any computer without special preparation can manage your content: update databases, keep workflow and record orders.
  • Even before the creation of the studio we were held as professionals. Clients come to us on the recommendation of those who have already worked with us. And our staff appreciate the trust of our partners. Our IT company members have a lot of experience.

To make the web resource the way you want it to be, you need to prepare well. Fill out the brief - and we will know how to make your project perfect.

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Corporate Website

The website of an enterprise, company, corporation, private or public - for us, these are hundreds of solutions for companies of different levels in a wide range of activities. But each such web resource is always something new: there are no two identical organizations, and should meet your goals and objectives.

All corporate websites are equipped with our content management system, which allows you to flexibly manage the content and make changes quickly.

We developed the following standard modules:

  • Site tree
  • Editing text sections
  • News
  • Press Releases
  • Articles
  • Photo Gallery
  • Feedback form
  • Product Catalog
  • Services catalog
  • Site search
  • Order of goods and services
  • Vote
  • Forum
  • Glossary of terms
  • Guest book
  • Subscribe to the newsletter

After completing the brief on web development, the project manager finds out your tasks, understands the structure of the company, the processes that are taking place and offers on-line services that work hard and bring additional profit.

Our philosophy is to provide a full cycle of development and support
  • Development of brand book / logo
  • Select a name and domain name
  • Development of technical specifications
  • Development of design and layout
  • Website programming
  • Filling, photographing, retouching
  • Website hosting, e-mail
  • Technical support
  • Promotion
  • Contextual advertising
Online Store on Magento
  • We know what the owners of online stores need, because we are also engaged in Internet commerce
  • Our web development company knows from our own experience how to develop a "selling" design or choose the right template for an online store, how to refine and unwind it. With our help, you can avoid the mistakes that are still allowed by new Internet merchants.

So in addition to the quick launch of an excellent online store, we are ready to share with you much more - our experience of successful Internet commerce. That is, to provide consulting services for the successful launch of the online store.


Intrasite is the internal web resource of your company. What for it is necessary? Intrasite will help:

Arrange the work of the company. The need to systematize documents and materials for intrasite leads to positive changes in the structure of the company. The intracorporate resource will help to streamline the workflow (on it, for example, you can lay out samples of all forms), monitor the fulfillment of tasks and the presence of employees in the office. And this is only the beginning.

Raise the company’s spirit and promptly inform employees. Congratulate with the holidays, introduce newcomers, post a scheme of planting employees or announce the introduction of a new rule of conduct in the office. This is all simply done through the intrasite, which each employee opens in the morning.

An intranet can solve a huge number of tasks. Its structure is always more complex than the company's external corporate website.


What is the most difficult thing in the tourism business? Maintaining databases.

  • We offer a simple and convenient system for self-administration.
  • You can add information about the country and hotels - maintain your own database associated with the proposed tours.
  • You can add information about tours and independently set their position in the ranking - to sell those tours that you want to sell first.
  • You can set the news options and disable the display of faded data. If the sale of the tour ends on the 10th, mark it in one click with the form in the service section. And on the 10th the information on this tour will be removed automatically - you do not need to waste time to clean the page of "dead" information.
  • With one mouse movement, you can recalculate the cost of trips in different currencies, and with the same movement set the current exchange rate of the hryvnia. And this data will change on at the same time.
  • You can take orders through the Internet, keep records of the fulfillment of orders. And maintain a customer base with the ability to compile reports, statistics and a database of tourist preferences.
Order Status Check System

The client hands over the equipment to the service center and receives a receipt with the number. And then, to find out what's with it and when it's ready- the client calls, calls, calls.

Everybody suffer: the client - because of waiting and unknown, telephone lines - from overload, operators - from the flow of calls.

We offer a way out: our order status check system allows to:

  • You - to conduct on-line order accounting, and we can add our system to the one already used in your company.
  • Your client - check the stage of execution of his order. At the same time, managers work with an internal administrative interface controlled by the manager. And clients see a lightweight client interface.
Creating a Mobile Version of the Website

Google made it mandatory to have an optimized for mobile devices version of the web page. Otherwise, your web page will not be displayed in mobile search results.

Our company will promptly create a mobile version of your comapny’s website and Magento online store.

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Web Application Development and API

We make web services for business and startups, develop documented APIs for mobile applications, develop responsive web pages that work in most browsers. For server development, we use Ruby, PHP, NodeJS, Java. The client part development is carried out in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript.

When developing services, we use various architectural frameworks: Angular, React, Yii, Laravel, Ruby on Rails. Usually, control and administration panels are created from scratch because of their uniqueness, but if the task requires integration with CRM, CMS, payment aggregators and other systems, we help to make the best choice.

How We Create Projects: Web Development


Both websites and mobile applications consist of code that is responsible for what happens on the visible side of the website or application and the code that is responsible for bringing data to the visible side from the server. This code is written by the developers.

The article was so great that it was decided to break it into three parts. But deep knowledge they do not date and the role of technical do not play, because in reality it's still more complicated. But it is designed to help you navigate in the process of creating a product, to stop confusing the words and terms that account managers, project managers and developers scribble, control and understand what will be better for the product.

We can get rid of doubts if we trust our specialists. After all, we are not only hands with which you embody your idea, but also a reliable technical partner.

What do the Web Developers do?

At the design and prototyping stage, designers, with the participation of the analyst and other team members, are considering the main scenarios of the product, creating screens in a simplified form and integrating them into a prototype that visually fulfills these scenarios. Having convinced themselves of the consistency of the scenarios, the designers create a full-fledged graphic content: they draw the same screens taking into account the brand identity of the product, draw illustrations, select fonts and colors, and so on. The output is the product layout.

Next, the frontend developer works with the layout: it implements it using programming languages, frameworks and libraries - implements interface elements, logically and functionally linking them and screens with each other. So the design comes to life and turns into an interface - the appearance of a web page, suitable for the user to work with it with the help of his client device.

Although the terms "frontend", "interface" and "client" refer to the visible part, they can be mistaken for synonyms. In this article, each term is strictly defined.

The basis of user experience is laid at the design stage. However, while the set of elements created by the designer did not come into motion, it is, rather, a concept. The final impression of the user on working with your product is answered by the developer - a specialist who breathes life into the design.

If the functionality of the website allows, for example, to make purchases, then the product is called a web service. They have more elements and more difficult to create.