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How to make money from my application?

If you are developing an application that focuses on profitable apps, developers should know how to implement the technology needed to achieve this goal and gain insight into the application's profitability strategy. For example, you can publish basic free programs for basic features as well as advanced versions of extensions, costing $ 1 to $ 5, depending on the variety of features it offers. If you decide to buy a free program, make sure that the development team knows how to integrate paid click-ads, paid subscriptions, and in-app ads. This is how we work.

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Our talented programming experts create an impressive user interface and user experience for native smartphone software, customizable enterprise software, and Web-based solutions.


Our developers are not afraid to challenge the sand to solve any complex project, whether it be a simple productivity tool or a well-developed business maintenance system. In our application design company, we developed first-class back-end Web services and created high-quality products.


Our developers ensure that your application passes the Apple approval process. They will help you publish your app on the AppStore for use by a large number of iPhone and iPad users. You can trust us to successfully start your application and expand your customer base within a few days.


Once your product is published in the AppStore, we'll create a complete mobile strategy to promote your products and services online. There are many different buying strategies for users that will help you choose the business that best suits you. Another important thing to think about is a monetization strategy - we'll look at paid programs, advanced versions, in-app purchases, and other revenue-earning options in your software.

Skillful smartphone app developers

You need to design a smartphone application for your business, otherwise you will not be able to lose in the largest audience of smartphone users willing to spend on digital technology. Smartphones and tablets have become an integral part of our daily lives - they are largely where we are now. According to statistics, most smartphone users generally buy online at native smartphone programs. Imagine that your application might be one of them.

Interview questions

If you think you're ready to enter the exciting world of mobile retail and create an application to sell your products and services or provide your customers with information about your company or other useful features, find experienced application developers to help you start your business. Our mobile experts have put together a list of questions that require digital agencies that will help you find the perfect candidate.

Check ready apps

Reliable developers should provide case studies of their projects over time or at least demonstrate the links of their app in the Apple Store for iOS, the Google Play Store for Android-based apps. Looking at these projects, you can assess whether they have enough knowledge and skills to design an application you expect, so do not skip this step.

Can you mention the other clients?

Unfortunately, as long as developers look at the portfolio, you can not determine if they actually create all of these products. Contacting current and former customers of digital companies can be a good way to understand if they have really handled these projects and have raised some questions about the experience of customers working with developers. You can also look for customer reviews and testimonials to help you understand the candidate's reliability, experience, and hard work. For example, it is a good idea to ask if they are within budget and eventually deliver the finished product on time.

Check the information

However, keep in mind that many developers have provided absolutely confident customer contacts. To avoid this pitfall, you can visit the LinkedIn profile of the development company and check if you have colleagues, former colleagues or acquaintances who are familiar with the contacts. If you find someone, give them a message or phone to ask for the candidate's ethics, skills, and job reliability.

What smartphone models do you have?

The answer to this question may reveal the candidate's understanding of the mobile operating system, smartphone features and its enthusiasm for the art. If you interview the developers that they focus on the development of Android, then they must have an Android smartphone because they can use the apps that they create, you can also use the industry experts to develop apps in their apps Some of the features that they like and focus only on trends. The iPhone is also the case.

How do we communicate during the development process?

The success of the entire company depends to a large extent on how often you discuss the details of the project and how to clearly communicate the requirements to the developer. Ask the candidate if they would like to meet in person or via Skype, telephone, mail or email chat, and discuss how often they progress with the client. Do they use any popular project management system to communicate with you? How long have they been willing to let you know about the progress of the project?

What unique and creative features can you integrate into my application?

To stand out from your competitors and attract new users, your app must have something really unique, attractive, and useful. Think about the features and techniques that can help you with this work, and then ask if the development team is able to implement it. For example, ask if they can add social networking sharing, QR code scanners, 3D technology, or e-commerce elements to your application.

Who owns intellectual property?

Often, intellectual property owner is a company or person who pays for application development, but for this you need additional formalities to be fulfilled. To ensure that you have all the rights to develop the product, ask the developer to sign a "work for hire" contract or any other document that clearly indicates your ownership. This article should state that you have earned the source code, design and content and provided confidentiality.

loyal clients

How do you test your application and upload it to the AppStore?


Some developers will say that the best way to test an application is to implement it on the smartphone being used. However, candidates are asked to explain in more detail how they will conduct beta testing to eliminate all errors and burrs. How will the developer correct the discovered bugs and how long will it take? After the application has been rigorously tested, it is submitted to the AppStore for approval. Any mature developer should know how to ensure that the application is approved and that the code submits all the necessary standards.

How much are you?


First, discuss whether you want to pay an hourly fee or a flat rate for an application development project. Often, most designers want customers to make initial payments in advance. Other developers require deposits at the outset, which can account for half the total cost of the project. Upon completion of the final product, you will have to pay the remaining fees. The cost of developing apps can start at $ 1,000 and can reach millions, depending on the developer's hourly rate and the features you want to integrate. Many developers can provide you with cost estimating services to provide a complete document with all the costing factors and risks, but even if that document can provide the approximate cost of the project.

Our smartphone application development company has been one of the leading digital distributors since the first day of the smartphone era. Over the years in the IT industry, we have gained a lot of experience and delivered world-class apps to all popular platforms. The developers have a wide range of internationally recognized portfolio, we develop for large brands and small businesses, we are prepared to face new challenges and discuss new application ideas to prove our knowledge and bring another order to the world The application of fear. If you have a new smartphone app, access the idea, feel free to get in touch.