Our Work

Wine Glass

A wine guide application for mobile devices
Our customer, a restaurant owner, came to us to build a mobile tool that helps users and restaurant visitors to select a perfect match for the meal. The app introduces the restaurant wine collection and gives recommendations on the best choice improving guest’s dining experience. The app helps restaurant owners to cater guest utilising information technologies and lets users choice the wine depending on their preferences and current meal.
PHP • iOS Development • UI/UX Design • Branding

Voice Share

An audio-sharing platform for mobile devices
One of our development projects was dedicated to the creation of a mobile application with audio sharing functionality. We implemented recording and editing functionality enabling users to create and modify sound files and publish them online attaching images. The app was also built with social media components which allow to like, repost, and comment favourite audio files and follow other users. The app can also be used by professional musicians not only for recording some music pieces but also promoting their songs with press releases and teasers.
iOS Development • UI/UX Design • Social Media integration • Audio Streaming

Trade Point

Mobile and web application for stock traders
The application was designed and developed as a tool that helps to get real-time stock trading information, and lets operate it in the most efficient way. The app operates two databases simultaneously, and our team transferred all the calculations to the client side ensuring streamlined user experience and improved accuracy of pricing. The app performance and reliability enables stock traders to optimise their work and benefit from the information technologies.
Web Development • MySQL and MS SQL integration • Backend • Frontend

Tooling Control

A desktop management system for tablet tooling company
A customer, a provider of tablet tooling for the pharmaceutical industry, applied to our developers looking for a software solution that could assist companies in meeting the needs of regulators, checking, measuring and reporting. We developed a comprehensive software system for monitoring, managing, and reporting the tooling. Our team worked closely with the customer to ensure that we build a system that meets customer’s exact needs. As the results, our customer manages to improve monitoring and reporting processes of tool rotations, tooling inventory and maintenance.
Desktop development • Database • Frontend • Backend


Management and reporting system for healthcare industry
Our customer provides healthcare organisations with diagnostics products and other health solutions, and as his company keep growing, he faces the necessity to innovate into the bookings and client reporting practices. He approached us looking for a solution that would replace spreadsheets and manual processes. We developed and delivered a web-based, coordinated, and automated system that enables administrative time-saving and introduced safeguards eliminating human mistakes.
Web development • SQL Server Integration • ASP.Net MVC • Backend • Frontend

Appraisal App

Native mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms
An appraisal management company was looking to develop native applications for Android and iOS. The app purpose was to expand the appraisal management by offering partners a mobile app to accept, monitor and update their appraisals. The app was supposed to become a part of the company Cloud Control System which performs as its compliant and service-oriented valuation solution. We implemented customer’s API so that apps could integrate existing system and enabled users to perform the key stages of the appraisal via the application enhancing the process.
Android Development • iOS Development • UI/UX Design • Branding