Mobile Application Developers: Enterprise Security Software

We are a professional application developer who helps companies push their products into today's competitive marketplace and improve internal efficiency.

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Areas of expertise

Data Security We provide enterprises with secure software and enterprise systems to protect your company from malware and prevent data leakage.

B2C Software. The developers provide hundreds of mobile applications and high quality websites to help small and large firms connect to customers and expand the buyer base.

Enterprise application development. Specialized developers and designers have extensive experience in native applications, custom software,professional integration of third-party services, site and software auditing, program optimization and other services to improve application performance.

Strengthen corporate security and mobility

For more than a decade, we have enhanced our experience in securing network, mobile and enterprise data security through first-class software solutions. The developers help hundreds of local small firms, internationally recognized brands and ambitious start-ups to protect your data and streamline the important management processes. We have become companies that work with companies looking to use the latest networks and technologies to improve efficiency, mobilize employees, accelerate business innovation, stand out and protect employees and corporate data from cybercrime.

Mobile solutions

We care about the clients and focus on reaching targeted goals within their budget and deadlines. If you need first-class mobile native or cross-platform applications to reach the target audience, desktop applications are in touch with consumers, provide information about your company website and Internet solutions (IOT) to improve your workflow, the application can be used Equipment to increase employee mobility or any other IT solution the expert developers are prepared to help. The development process is totally transparent, mutual trust, respect and teamwork. The software helped many well-known brands to enter the pinnacle of the market and become the industry leader. We are proud of the long history of success and ready to translate the broad experience of application developers into their mobile projects.

Network security: Is your business secure?

Hacking attacks and cyber crimes are on the rise, so you need to maintain awareness and protect your personal data. We can help you ensure data security through intelligent high-tech software solutions. Extensive and powerful anti-malware tools, services designed to combat the best cyber attacks and the most skilled hacker attacks.

  • Detect security vulnerabilities. We will analyze your network simulation network attacks to detect weaknesses and security vulnerabilities that need to be optimized.
  • Prevent network attacks. The software will allow your legacy system to detect, reject, resist and recover any online threat in a timely manner.
  • Check your level of security. We will evaluate your preparation for security threats and find ways to improve your level of protection through training, guidelines, and other precautions.
  • Advanced features. We've created an effective solution with advanced features to protect your company software from security breaches.

Corporate security solutions

Enterprise solutions provide a full range of key resources to protect your valuable business data and equipment:

  • Flexibility

Multilevel systems can keep up with the threat from various areas and locations.

  • Root Domain Name System and Dynamic Protocol

The system utilises the dynamic protocols to protect sites and mobile software and applications.

  • Real-time system response

Open System Interconnect (OSI) control, customizable configurations for all mobile devices and applications, real-time tracking and user security alert notifications.

  • Personalize

Customized solutions offer a wide range of customization opportunities to ensure that applications are seamlessly integrated with your processes in mobile dimension.

  • Traffic management

Request compatibility of comments, optimization of traffic density and dynamic traffic.

  • Monitoring user action

Remember and inform promptly, backing away any ability to operate and create a map of access points for visitors.

Team of guru mobile app developers

Since set up our software development company, the developers are committed to the process, committed to the success of customers, is committed to create efficient software, increase value. We strive to bring innovative and future-oriented companies to new levels and bring innovation to life, expand awareness and drive the success of your enterprise. We strive for perfection, we hope you can share such high standards and dedication.

Digital services

Web Policy

We will not only create first-class sites for your brand, but we will also propose a comprehensive strategy to increase traffic and conversion rates. The web developers have over 10 years of experience implementing the most advanced practices, ensuring software quality and designing an excellent user experience to help people achieve their goals online.

Development of native mobile applications

We choose carefully every designer and developer who comes into the development team to meet the high standards, so you can ensure that all the developers have the best skills and in-depth understanding of the mobile platform. The developers provides solutions for large companies, government agencies and start-ups and has accumulated technical knowledge, in-depth knowledge and knowledge of the mobile environment.

Security online

We offer a wide range of solutions and services to defend your software, prevent malware, online fraud and cyber criminals. The mobile developers will identify vulnerabilities and vulnerabilities in their security and legacy software policy and will find a way to resolve the problem and prepare any threats to your enterprise system.

Software design

The talented designers and developer teams can enrich any project with an excellent design and an easy-to-use interface. We believe that design is important compared to code and is committed to meeting your expectations in terms of visual appeal and ease of use. The high-end technology we use will attract even the most technologically advanced customers, and the intuitive interface will provide a less experienced user with a comfortable experience with your organization.

Our implemented web projects

Web developers have a strong online processes knowlege that is a necessity for any modern company that is expected to be visible to consumers online. The web developers have everything you need to create a high-level site that appeals to this large audience. We have created a variety of online store network solutions for accounting systems and project management portals.

loyal clients

Continuous development process

First, the analysts will do some researches to understand your business to determine aspects that need to be optimized and understand your company processes. Then, along with the customers, we will combine their ideas with the requirements of the software and prioritize the functionality implemented in mobile products. We fully understand that these requirements may change to accommodate today's changing environment. That's why we always like agile methods, which allows us to modify the project in the last stage of development. Also, we will keep you informed and discuss any decisions with you to ensure that you understand what we are doing and approve all operations. You'll enjoy the experience of working with developers because your goal is to create a value-added product instead of reaching the required work hours.

Mobile strategy

When developing digital projects, we follow the following principles: aggregation, qualification and definition. Each step of the process includes the following:


  • Ideas / recognition of resources
  • Functional Priority
  • To accomplish
  • Design Process
  • Concept of design


  • UI project
  • Customer Feedback
  • User Testing
  • A / B Test
  • Reviewed


  • Analytics
  • Event Tracking
  • Visitor record
  • User test

IT services for government and corporate agencies


London Mobile Application Developer is a recognized industry leader in mobile software creation, data security, enterprise workflow management, quality assurance, accounting services, technical support, digital business consulting, web hosting, native mobile software and applications and search engine optimization. We have advanced mobile solutions for a wide range of industries such as health, education, tourism, transportation and logistics, retail, catering, banking and finance.

Mobile application development history


Our goal is perfect by enhancing our digital products every detail to ensure its high quality and absolute safety. Since the establishment of the Digital Corporation in 2009, we have developed an international company with offices in major cities worldwide, headquartered in the UK capital. We are proud of our achievements, which are the result of our extensive experience and desire to create applications that change our way of interacting in the modern world.

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Join in your application development project for your successful IT team. Contact professional mobile developers. Our developers will determine the priority needs and find a way to serve them with the highest efficiency. The main purpose is to meet the needs of customers and enterprises, focusing on mutually beneficial long-term cooperation. You can be sure, that you will get the highest quality software, developed based on the broad background of mobile development and target audience preferences, and created according to your key goals.