Mac & iPhone Apps for Designers

Fresh solves that “Where did I just save that file to?” problem. It also allows you to instantly find attachments you download, no matter what weird name they have.
Opening Fresh brings up a bar displaying all your recently modified files, which is especially handy for downloads and attachments,but also lets you keep track of the files of a project you’re working on. Fresh also gives you the ability to tag files (Open Meta), rate them, exclude them from the recently modified list, view them in the Finder and so on.UK agency
Fresh also includes an area called the Cooler, which you can use to store files that you need frequently or that you are currently working on, as well as a drop zone on the edge of your screen that you can use to tag files (this can be disabled).
Fresh is a neat little productivity tool, and a bargain with its $5.99 price tag.