Full Cycle iOS App Development for Your Project

We develop and support mobile apps and web services for start-ups, automate and display the existing business in the mobile environment, help out projects that had bad experience with wrong contractors.

Development of native iOS apps

Several of the iOS apps we built were marked in the Apple Store as the best in their categories. Our programmers have experience with complex apps for smartphones, tablets and smart watches. We made various apps as well, implementing the complex interactions with payment systems, GPRS, and AR technologies. In addition to native, our app development teamdo well cross-platform apps on PhoneGap, Ionic, Unity.

In development, we prefer to use the iterative approach (Agile), but based on the task, we can switch to the Waterfall as well.

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Analytics of User Behavior, Design and Prototyping

After clarifying the idea or problem, we will examine the current market of services and applications. Analyzing business problems, we create an interactive prototype of the user interface. Having a detailed prototype of the interface, we will estimate the cost and timing of any web and mobile app, because the project participants understand how everything will work and look.

Interface Design

At the stage of prototyping, we solve the issues of functionality and user experience. Stylistics issues and important details are debugged at the design stage, and mobile apps become not only functional, but attractive and memorable.

  • Responsive design of web apps makes them convenient and accessible on various devices. Our designers work in close contact with the developers, so the implementation of interfaces takes place as quickly and smoothly as possible.
  • Our designers use Sketch as the main tool for interface design, and the good old Photoshop and Illustrator - when you can not do without them. Zeplin and Marvel are used to transfer designs to development team. Among other tools - Pixate, Principle, Atomic and Adobe After Effects for animations.
Touch the Idea yourself

We will develop for you a highly detailed interactive prototype of the interface, as close as possible to the real app. The prototype imitates user scenarios and visually embodies the concept of the project. To make edits at the stage of prototype creation is much cheaper and faster than at the development stage.

Demonstrate the Product Before it is Created

The prototype will work on any device and in any browser. You will have the opportunity to get feedback from potential users at the earliest stage of product development. This will help to take into account their opinion and change the product for the better.

Get rid of Unforeseen Risks, Suspense and Doubt

Our team of experts will delve into the subject area, study the nuances of your business, will review analogs and current solutions in the market. You will not spend your time and money on unclaimed functions and unverified hypotheses.

We fit into the budget and terms, we take into account your limits.

After the design phase, we will offer a fixed estimate for product development. You do not have to worry about the change in value during the development. We will help with preparation of tender documentation.

Web App Development and API

The programmers make web services for business and startups, develop documented APIs for mobile applications, create responsive web pages that work in most browsers. For server development, our app creation team use Ruby, PHP, NodeJS, Java. The client part is created in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript.

When developing complicated services, our coders use various architectural frameworks: Angular, React, Yii, Laravel, Ruby on Rails. Usually, control and administration panels are created from scratch because of their uniqueness, but if the task requires integration with CRM, CMS, payment aggregators and other systems, we help to make the best choice.

Why Mobile Apps are Made Primarily for iOS?

Media now and then write that the lion's share of the market for mobile devices captured Android. According to different data, on this operating system from 70% to 85% of smartphones and tablets around the world. The conclusion suggests itself: making Android apps should be more profitable than for iOS. However, in reality everything happens the other way around.

Apps on iOS are Better Monetized

The first and main argument for those who are interested in the financial side of the issue is the following: on iOS-apps it is usually easier to earn. According to statistics, iPhone and iPad owners are more likely to buy apps for money, and then they are ready to pay for additional features.

According to App Annie, only in the last quarter of 2017, iOS device owners spent $ 11.5 billion in the App Store, while on Google Play this figure was half that.

The reasons for Android's financial unattractiveness are simple. Most devices on this platform are classified as inexpensive and are available to a wide range of customers. Such people do not pursue high technical specifications and are not ready to spend money on applications. There is also a special group of consumers who use the smartphone exclusively for calls and sending messages.

Asia stands apart. The local residents of the device on Android are more popular, and their owners are actively buying applications. The Asian market Android in times exceeds the iOS market in monetary terms. Therefore, it is more effective for the Asia-Pacific region to create universal projects or to target Android-users.

In the iOS Environment there are Fewer Types of Devices to Support

Not only from an economic, but also from a technical point of view, iOS has clear advantages. Create an app for this OS is often easier and cheaper than for its more popular competitor. Especially if your goal is a universal product that is accessible to most users.

In the case of Apple smartphones, it's enough to write an app compatible with the latest iPhone model and several predecessors. Now this list includes iPhone X, 8, 8+, 7, 7+, 6, 6+, 6S, 6S +, 5C, 5S, SE, 5.

The situation with Android is much more complicated. In fact, we are surrounded by a whole technical zoo with many manufacturers and a huge price range. Models are very different and the power of the processors, and the parameters of the screens. Fragmentation here is so high that it is almost impossible to take into account all possible options. And even just to test how the app will look on each of these smartphones is not an easy task.

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iOS Devices use the Current Software

When developing, it is important to consider not only the technical characteristics of the iPhone, iPad and other devices, but also the version of the software that is installed on them.

According to Apple, in January 2018, 65% of all mobile devices of this brand were installed iOS 11. And this version of the software supports even the iPhone 5S, released about five years ago. Having developed an app for iOS 11 and iOS 10, you can reach more than 90% of users. If you consider the earlier iOS 9, the market will be covered almost entirely.

The Android platform, in turn, again has a very high fragmentation. Older smartphones and tablets do not receive updates and continue to work on the software that was relevant at the time of purchase. As a result, the market is actively using multiple versions of the operating system.

All this complicates the process of creating applications. Because of the need to maintain a large number of OS and long testing, developing an app for Android can cost more than the same product under iOS.

The second option is to refuse to support earlier versions of the software. But then your product may be unavailable even for owners of powerful devices, which at one time were considered flagship, but did not receive updates from the manufacturer of the OS version.

Firmware iOS-devices are Less Likely to "break"


Hack into the firmware of the device to get unlimited access to the file system - a popular entertainment for Android-users. But root-rights not only allow you to bypass system barriers, but also negatively affect the work of a smartphone or tablet. Whether your app will run correctly on such devices is a big question.

According to Kaspersky Labs for 2017, 7.6% of Android-users around the world use "rutovannymi" gadgets. iOS devices with hacked firmware also exist, but their share is rapidly decreasing: the operating system is becoming more open and functional, eliminating the need to make a jailbreak, and Apple corporation successfully closes the gaps in the vulnerability.

Apps for iOS are Considered Better


Even the owners of flagship Android-smartphones are cautious when choosing apps and do not rush to make a purchase without getting to know the demo version. There's a reason: The Play Market is full of low-quality apps - from completely useless ones to those that strive to send paid sms without the knowledge of the smartphone owner.

This is partly due to the policy of pre-moderation. apps from the Play Market are automatically checked in a few hours, and apps for Apple devices before being published on the App Store are manually checked, which takes about a couple of days. As a result, among the products developed under iOS, there is much less "garbage" - and users appreciate it.

Maintenance and Support

  • Projects must live, develop and adapt. Since our IT company is interested in long-term relationships, we are ready to support customer projects for as long as possible and provide advice on any related issues.
  • Our processes are organized for a comfortable transfer of cases (prototypes, design, development, history of commits, documentation, backlog, setting tasks) as quickly and painlessly as possible.
  • With this approach, a new person from yours and from our side will always be able to understand the project and start working without unnecessary difficulties.

Let’s Build Your iOS App

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