Custom Software Development: Tailor-Made and Off-the-Shelf

In our custom software development firm, we create smart applications for innovative companies. We focus on scalable apps, enterprise programms, native mobile applications,and other digital solutions for customers and suppliers. Our expert developers automated day-to-day processes that improve business efficiency and connect suppliers and buyers via applications.

Services we provide

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Bespoke software development

Our app development company offers custom enterprise solutions that leverage advanced technology. Our app is built to meet the unique needs of your enterprise, bring value and support the evolving development of your company.

Development of digital strategy

We help companies create a complete online strategy, provide new ideas, analyze existing solutions, test concepts, validate their ideas, provide market research, implement programming analysis, and online promotion.

Talented Team

Our experienced team of professionals is comprised of creative designers, talented developers, analysts, project managers, testers and support specialists. We believe that the best way to guarantee the success of any development project is to establish flawless communication with the client, regardless of their time zone and language, our multinational team will find the most appropriate way to communicate.


We provide consulting services to help companies increase productivity, optimize online strategy and get in touch with new customers. Our expert analysts will review your management processes and product strategy to identify weaknesses and propose effective optimization strategies.

Advanced Software Solutions

Our extensive development experience includes a variety of complex, scalable digital solutions, enterprise resource planning systems, and cloud thechnologies, customer relationship management (CRM) software, free platforms , e-commerce sites, complex management tools, and the smallest viable product (MVP) to develop start-up companies.

Continuous Support

We provide ongoing support and maintenance for each product to ensure efficiency, stability, and safety and take care of digital products when you spend time developing your business.

Our principles

We focus on the results and progress of technology, which is why we carefully choose the tools and methods we use throughout the production process. Here are three main principles that the app development group follows:


We apply Lean principles to organize our development projects and internal processes. The Lean approach to development is an innovative practice that ensures success. This allows us to understand your goals at any time and provide the right solution.


We believe that agile methods are the most effective way for complex software creation projects. This iterative approach allows us to deliver in a short time. This iteration takes a week or two of time when you can get a working app that will continue to be improved or used.


Our development, design and analysis teams work together throughout the project. Our technical analysts will create the project architecture and talented designers will translate your ideas into project visualisation. Later on, our programmers will deal with the technical aspects of the project and write the code that provides the app implementation in life. This is how we work, offering products that meet your expectations and reflect your brand identity.

loyal clients


Many entrepreneurs shy away from development because they are considered to be much more expensive than ready-made solutions. Ready applications may really meet your needs if you want basic programm that handles typical tasks. However, even in this case, the ready software can not meet your needs. First, you still need to customize it to properly perform the required operations. The cost of this optimization may exceed the cost of tailored app development. In addition to costs, many companies choose to develop custom applications because they are guaranteed that they will have the source code, which gives them the opportunity to improve and modify the program to keep up with the ever-changing market environment.

Deficiencies of existing applications


In addition, to use ready-made programs, you must pay for licenses and which costs are sometimes as high as millions of dollars. Large IT companies that distribute off-the-shelf processes often transform their applications. This means that you should update your custom products every few years to continue. This update may also be expensive because you need to stop the online operation until the software is updated, which causes significant loss.

Should I create a custom app or buy an app?


The following areas will help you decide whether to develop custom enterprise applications or you can use off-the-shelf products:

Budget - this is related to cost and income

If you wish to purchase a license for an off-the-shelf app, you need a cost-benefit analysis to verify that your investment is paid for. In the case of custom applications, your return on investment is more likely because you can make the changes as needed even when you no longer have the resources to maintain them.


Buy applications on the shelf, and you can not guarantee that the vendor will maintain your business for a long time to maintain, support, and update the app. With custom software, you can hire full-time developers or outsource the development of third-party applications. However, if you choose to outsource, you should carefully review the background and knowledge of the developer to ensure that they have a good reputation and have the skills to build the desired product.

Market time

You can use ready-made solutions when buying licenses, and in the case of bespoke software, you'll have to wait for development and deployment.


Off-the-shelf solutions due to lack of customization, standardization and unified processes. On the one hand, if a department of a large organization will begin to follow these unified processes, this can lead to savings and increase productivity and, on the other hand, the company will have to adjust its established procedures to the app and not vice versa.

Custom software benefits

There are three typical solutions for companies that need digital products to meet their needs: use Excel spreadsheets, buy off-the-shelf applications or outsource custom software development. To choose the solution that best suits your needs, you should review the following key factors: development costs and schedules, post-launch support costs, app efficiency, service improvement, and flexibility.

Consider risk

Note, however, that even if you evaluate the efficiency of different scenarios, you can not predict how the solution will run during the deployment process because of lack of training, cost overhead, and poor product instability. Therefore, to avoid this risk, you must also take into consideration the industry, size, turnover and company processes. In short, before deciding to put money into one of the solutions, consider the possible ways to invest in the future.

Why choose a custom solution?

Firstly, custom software proves to be more efficient because it can meet the specific needs of a particular company, and existing solutions may be lacking to provide better productivity and customer relationships. Another notable advantage of custom software is that you can choose your development methods such as agile methods or waterfall methods.

Select your function

With a custom app, you can create the software you need for your audience, instead of using the product to the public. For example, the publishing industry may want to print documents as quickly as possible while another company operating in the same area can focus on producing the highest quality products. As you can see, the requirements of the two companies are conflicting, and the ready-made programs often provide solutions in the middle, and in the case of developing custom applications, you can ask developers to focus on their specific needs. On the other hand, spreadsheets can also be a good solution for small enterpreneurs, because even without deep knowledge of programming and Internet technology, they can also easy use it. Bespoke programms typically requires special training, but at the same time offers more flexibility and covers a broad range of corporation needs.

Custom software development agency for collaboration

Custom applications is a powerful tool for optimizing your internal and external processes, connecting with new customers, and increasing customer loyalty. If you want to create an efficient solution for your company, our experienced IT specialists are ready to help. To provide valuable products, we carefully check your workflow and provide advice on how to improve the company's business.

We offer a range of digital products and services - from IT research, development, and consulting to native mobile application creation such as iOS and Android apps, to responsive websites, web-based applications, bespoke software.