Apple Professional Development: Outsourcing Your App Project

In our development company, we often get in touch with the clients who are not much so knowledgeable in the IT business, we understand that in the absence of any specific knowledge of the case, it’s very difficult to sneak into the professional Apple app development. Our experts want to make your life easier and explain to you a few topics to help you get started with the Apple application development process and find the right team.

Things to consider when recruiting developers

So you have a brilliant idea of ​​an Apple application. It's time to find a programmer who can make you application alive. When looking for the Apple application design company to outsource your digital project, pay attention to the following aspects:

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Ask the programmer to work on projects related to your industry. For example, if they have successfully developed the content management system of a large media company, they can design a similar product for their company.


Keep in mind that not all customers agree to allow developers to post your reference. So if you can not find many customer comments on your site, do not hesitate to ask them to provide you with the previous customer.

Process of professional development

Programmers have a structured application development process that includes creation of the software architecture, quality assurance and continuous integration, and choose software development methods: agile, waterfalls, or any other appropriate method, based on customer requirements.

Project management

Ask if the partner will provide you with experienced project manager and how often they can communicate with you.

Proficient in business

Programming a useful Apple application is one thing, but creating a complete mobile solution that adds value to your business is a completely different task. The development team must understand their business practices, needs and goals, clearly understand how to make the most of the network solutions they create, and how to offer long-term payments to their products. If your business is a start-up company, make sure that developers have a history of developing MVP (the lowest possible product).

Development costs

The hourly rate, charged by the IT agency may not indicate directly how much the project costs, since the price is set by many other factors. For example, experienced development teams charge more, but they run faster and developers with low hourly prices can create their product twice longe. So you can eventually pay more. Another important thing is that when a developer works on your project, it does not benefit you, so choosing a digital agency that matches the agile method is the best option to deliver in a short time.

If you have further questions about choosing a mobile app development team, please contact us and ask what you want to know - we'll be happy to talk to you.

Apple's professional development costs

The cost of hiring professional iOS coders to outsource Apple application projects is another problem that makes our customers feel very worried. To be honest, no one Apple coder can tell you the exact cost, because it depends on the application's complexity, the design, the functionality, the programmer’s experience and the detailed specification demands. These are the main price factors for determining the cost of Apple's application development projects.

Project Size

The development process is if you are designing your new home. If you just started your own life from a single graduate, your budget is likely to be limited and the architect will suggest you a basic shelf solution that is simply not expensive because it uses standard tools and materials, Quick Production. However, if you have established good achievements in your life and already have many savings, you have placed your life and built the home of your dreams, so the architect can choose a personalized way to create a Perfect to meet your specific solutions needs, requirements and aspirations. The architect will use the best materials, state-of-the-art tools and the latest technology to build a perfect house in line with the dream house, regardless of how much it costs.

How does the developer work?

Or imagine yourself a novelist. When you start a new book, you are sitting in front of a computer or typewriter, leaving a blank sheet of paper waiting for inspiration. Apple app developers and novelists are very similar. On the first day of writing the next book, the writer is empty-handed, starting with a blank page. As with the programmer - every element of the Apple application is the line of code that the coder should write. As a result, programmers spend hours trying to download the code as if they were written in the book.

Build MVP

If your financial standing is limited, you need to focus on an important function to reduce costs and simplify development. Therefore, prepare the developers can implement open source from the general public and use some pre-designed templates. You can find the source code open in the various code repositories on the Internet. You'll get a MVP-like digital product that you can use to check your thoughts and see if Apple applications have clicked on your customers and if your products and services are needed to continue to implement new features and improve existing features and projects. expansion.

Where is the programmer team?

Many entrepreneurs choose Apple offshore applications to develop mobile specialists in emerging economies as they offer services at cheaper prices compared to Western design agencies. For example, an experienced Australian software team in Melbourne, a large city, charges at least $ 170 an hour. On the other hand, experienced designers from India or other Asian countries will receive $ 45 an hour because their economy allows them to operate at lower hourly wages.

Communication problem

Keep in mind that if the development team is located in a different time zone, you may encounter communication problems, but on the other hand, if you are partially outsourced, it may be good to have a distributed team working 24 hours a day. If you have a taller developer with strong communication skills and a professional project manager, you can face any problem in communicating your thoughts and requirements and watch for progress.

What kind of application do you need?

  • The time and cost you spend on app development depends to a large extent on the mobile platform where you want to run the program - the most popular is iOS and Android, and which application you want to build.
  • Basic functions Application Simple applications are usually composed of drop-down menus and are created using design templates. The average time to build such an application is 100 hours.
  • The database integration application uses the backend as a service mode (BaaS) application to store the data in a server or database. To create this application, you will need about 190 hours.
  • Customized companies apply a program designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of the business through the data stored on the device. 230 hours is the time to develop enterprise solutions.
  • Mobile games. Support single-player and multiplayer games. The time to create this app starts at 500 o'clock.

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If you design a native Android application, you can choose to reduce costs and reduce the additional workload, for example, you can create an application that only supports the latest version of Android or only on a specific device. If you would like to estimate the cost of the project or any other development question, please contact us and our specialists will send you a quotation and discuss your item in detail.

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