We Know Everything about a Good App Design

As research shows, users make an opinion about the site in less than 17 milliseconds. A beautiful picture attracts attention, and a thoughtful and convenient interface is a pledge of customer loyalty and popularity of websites and apps. In our company we combine both aspects to achieve success.

More than just an attractive design

Our experts create not only beautiful, but also thoughtful user interfaces. We analyze needs and scenarios of use, providing your target audience with the maximum possible usability.

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We create interfaces that are simple and understandable. The design of websites and web apps from our team reflects the image of your brand, guarantees intuitively understandable interaction and thoughtful structuring of information.

Team of Designers

As a web development company, we will do our best to impress your users. The site will look great on any devices.

Universal Web Apps

Attractive appearance and functionality in all browsers and platforms.

  • We use the Twitter Bootstrap and Gumby frameworks for flexible layout, so that apps fit perfectly into any screen and resolution.
  • Our app designers help users to achieve their goals faster by making objects visual, with obvious functionality.
  • If the elements look the same, they lead to the same results in all parts of the app.
Our Approach

Apps that capture and captivate

  • Do not overload small screens and make access to the basic functionality obvious and convenient.
  • Mature app design specialists use native elements and markup, which people are used to - there is no need to clarify anything.
  • In detail, the UI designers work on graphics and effects - users will enjoy using the app.
  • We create flexible apps that look good and function on Android gadgets with any size and resolution of the screen.
  • The app design experts of our IT team use the capabilities of the multi-layered interface of the iPhone, leaving some elements still, while others - scrolling horizontally or vertically.
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6 Signs of Good Design

The very fact that someone can make up a list of principles for design already says that there are rules in this game.

Of course, one can not deny the existence of subjectivity in decisions. But this does not prevent the author from distinguishing good app layout from bad.


Design is created to solve the problem. The problem can be anything: an uncomfortable website, a product for a particular audience or a new business that requires a logo.

If he does not solve the problem - this is a bad design and go further is meaningless. Most often, it is this item that causes most of the friction between the designer and clients or bosses. Designers start to work without sufficient understanding of the problem, try to do something cool, which will be beneficial to look in their portfolio. They forget that design is not created to solve their problems, but to people.

When starting work, ask yourself the question "Why?" until you realize the real goal for which your app is needed.

The famous juicer Juicy Salif from Philippe Starck (Philippe Starck).

Almost everyone agrees that this is a stylish design, the main question is - is it good?

- Nope.

Why? Because this juicer has a wagon and a cart functional problems. Just go to Amazon and read reviews, there are many interesting and funny. In short, this product does not cope with what it is intended for - it does not help squeeze the juice.

We conclude that an attractive appearance is not equal to a good design.

Brand Compliance

To assess whether you are heading in the right direction, you first need to understand two things: the brand and the audience.

The target audience of the company can vary from immensely broad masses to a very small niche. If you know to which image the company is striving and for whom the app is created, it remains to decide what will suit them?

The wider the audience, the clearer and simpler the app should be. Therefore, you can see how many companies lose their "soulfulness" as they grow. This is because some design techniques working for small niches are not suitable for a large audience, they are sacrificed to attract more people. On the other hand, when your audience is smaller and more specific, such chips attract people.

This can be seen by comparing McDonald's with a local burger. They sell one product, but in different ways.

The local burger uses modern solutions, attracting people following the novelties, take a look at the funny illustrations on Byron's website. On the other side of the scale, McDonald's, who communicates with clients in a more accessible form, addresses the general public, not singling out anyone and rejecting nobody.

Design for all Times

Good design resonates with time. Ideally, everyone wants a timeless product, but it is not always appropriate or necessary.

For example, if you are creating a web page for a product that will be replaced or updated within 2 years, it makes sense to use fashion trends to move forward. So your app will look modern, fashionable and relevant. But we need to foresee the trends and their development. There is nothing worse than to saddle a wave late and to be in the position of a catch-up, rather than a trend-maker. You will only be laughed at.

Look at the well-known redesign of the Starbucks logo, it shows a tendency to simplify the logo. Conclusion: the simpler the brand, the longer it will last.

So, to pass this point, you need to understand the development life cycle and choose the appropriate solution for it.

If the product has passed the previous items, there is already a very good one, and this item will help to find among the good, outstanding.

Design without Interference

The more interference, the more difficult it is for a client to solve his problem with the help of your design. Usually, complicated texts or inconvenient websites become hindrances.

Many times, designers sacrificed the simplicity of reading and the convenience of the site for its appearance. Remember point one - for the benefit of your portfolio.

It is important to carefully measure the amount of information that you want to present. Avoid unnecessary information, it only adds interference. To avoid this, you need to understand very clearly what your client or user wants. But even the most important at first glance should be filtered and made more intelligible.

This point, for example, can be simplified and expressed in a citation:

The wealth of information leads to poverty of attention.

- Marty Neumeier.

If the layout is well executed people will easily find what they need. If this is not the case, then most likely you are looking at a bad design. Because good design does not interfere.


On this principle, there are always a lot of discussions and conflicting opinions. They arise because of the subjective nature of the topic - because of the difference of opinions it is difficult to come to a unanimous decision.

Despite this, try to get rid of the share of subjectivity. To do this, you need to learn the principles that make the design visually appealing. They can be found in almost every example of good design.

In addition to studying theory, you also need to enrich your visual culture. This can be achieved by considering the design collected by the design community on sites and books. You will begin to notice patterns that appear in good works: a balanced composition, beautiful typography, clear alignment, delightful color combinations and many other things.

This is enough to give you a good taste. And yet this point will always be a bit subjective, but since it's only one of 6, it will not prevent you from distinguishing bad design from good.

Speed up your Progress

To understand that your design costs more than the sum of all its parts, you just need to take a closer look. In essence, this happens when a brilliant idea arises from the usual combination of good typography and colors, which raises the product to a completely different level.

A simple, but elegant example is the FedEx logo. Take a closer look at him. You see, between E and X is a small arrow, hidden in a negative space. This arrow was conceived as a symbol of the speed and accuracy of the company.

That's what distinguishes good designers from great ones. Good ones rely on technical skills and build a design on principles (by the way, this can be taught by a computer), but great ones introduce new data into the equation. There is creativity in this.

In a nutshell: a good design is not only what is seen by the eye, not only the appearance, it is a combination of thoughtful decisions made with concern for the end user or spectator.

In our team, we comprehensively build the design for your apps. To get a free consultation and do a huge step to your mobile app creation, please contact our customer department.