4 iOS Navigation Apps You Must Have

Travelling around the world can be a glorious prospect if you have a map at the back of your hands. IPhone, over the years have come up with some excellent navigation apps that will help you traverse the latitude and longitude of this globe with ease and comfort.
Here is a list of the top 4 navigation apps for your iPhone.

#1: Google Maps

This is one of the best and most renowned navigation apps in the app store. Google Maps is a common denominator among all iPhone users as it is built with one of the best features. Whether you’re walking, driving or travelling by public transport, Google Maps will provide you with the best possible route to your destination considering factors like traffic, weather and short cuts. With its offline map feature you can navigate through busy streets without having an internet connection. With its versatility and ability to filter through restaurants, this app is one of the most suited for your device.

#2: Waze

This is unlike any other navigation app in the market. This app actually includes user inputs and conditions rather than satellite algorithm to lead you to your destination. Most navigation apps have default routes and road maps installed whereas this app includes ground experience of its users and creators making it a lot more accurate and useful. With Waze you will reach your desired location in no time at all.

#3: Scout

Now this app is designed for the social interaction seeking young generation out there rather than the professional users. With options like chat with friends and event creator, this app is perfect for organizing social events and sending invites to your friends. This app will help bring together all your invitees to your desired location without anyone getting lost. It will predict routes according to traffic conditions and provide the best routes for your drive to that Wedding Ball.

#4: MapMyHike

Now this app is a little different from your regular navigation app. Specially designed for outdoor enthusiasts, this map will help you along your hike or trekking route. With several features like syncing with other wearables like Fitbit or Jawbone, this app is designed to enrich your trekking or biking experience. Now if you want an app that will keep track of your glorious hikes and help you go places common people fear to tread, this app is for you.
These are the 4 must have navigation apps every outdoor worker or traveler must have in his or her phone.
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