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Software Development Firm For Business

At our software firm, we create bespoke applications for leading brands and companies.

Bespoke Apps for Industry Leaders

We rank among the best web development firms in the UK, focusing on software for business process enhancement and customer retention. Over more than a decade, our app development team has brought many firms all around the world to an entirely new level, supplying them with efficient solutions, which work for their success.
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Customer Relationship Management Software

A customer relationship management system is software that allows businesses to efficiently communicate to their clients and collect valuable information about their target audience. Startups and small companies usually do not pay much attention to customer relations - things just go as they are. But once the firm has expanded, reached out to new audience and grown its customer base, it becomes harder to manage an ever-rowing influx of consumers.

What Is a CRM?

A quality CRM system is an essential tool for a growing firm that enables to gather important information and connect to customer. However, do not think it is just a program that stores customer info - with a CRM you can manage the entire sale process or even your business operations in general. Here is sem examples of the wide range of functions a good CRM offers:

  • An online planning tool to manage events and bookings.The system offers various widgets like calendar for your employees and provide for automated responses to your customers, allowing your staff to keep on the business process on-the-go. The program also enables your customers to see information about upcoming events.
  • An enterprise resource planning system, which integrates your customer relationship management software, accounting apps, timesheets, e-commerce tools and other business solutions into one system that runs all aspect of your business, increasing productivity and facilitating the whole process.
  • Order management software - an ORM system facilitates the ordering process, automating the management of customer quotes and other stages of the process from online payments to delivery, saving a lot of time and resources, which you can use to generate more leads.
Why Do You Need a Custom CRM?

A tailor-made customer relationship management system can be exactly like you want it to be - a basic set of tools, a wide range of features or anything else you can imagine. Off-the-shelf software is not a good choice for a growing firm because it does not provide enough flexibility, limiting your ability to expand and keep up to date with the ever-changing market environment.

A Flexible Solution for Business Growth

Another disadvantage of the ready-made apps is that it is you, your firm and your employees who have to adapt to its processes, not the other way round. A custom CRM platform can be feature-rich and flexible at the same time, adapting to changes in the way your business operates. You will be able to modify it as your business grows, which will spare you from buying a new program all over again. When your firm needs new functionality and has enough financial capacity, you can simply introduce new features into the CRM to meet your new demands.

Bespoke Databases

A bespoke database is a perfect solution for businesses who need software that seamlessly fits into its demands and processes. We can create a system that adapts to your business process, which you will not have to change the way you work to fit an off-the-shelf solution. Have doubts whether you really need new corporate software? Here are the factors that indicate that you do:
  • You need to establish a strong quality management system.
  • You want to gather important information about your audience and receive their feedback in the form of regular structured reports;
  • Your business has expanded, and manual processes now take more time and cause mistakes;
  • The competition is fierce and you need something unique and efficient to stand out among your competitors;
  • Too many spreadsheets, which keep growing;
  • You have employees who work in the field or out of office, but need an access to the corporate data and software;
  • You want your data to be stored in one place and b available to all your multiple digital solutions;
And these are just a few reasons why your firm may need a bespoke database. If reading through the list you have noticed that your firm faces the same situation, contact us and we will find the solution to your problem.
The Advantages of Custom Database

Many entrepreneurs falsely believe that bespoke software inevitably requires years and millions of dollars to develop, and as a result you even have no guarantees it will work as intended. Working with us, you do not have to worry that you will go over the budget and get a product that fails to meet your expectations - our experienced team of talented development experts and designers has built hundreds of bespoke solutions, all of which meet the requirements and do what they want them to do. One of the obvious advantages of tailor-made solutions is that you do not have to pay for licences to be able to run the software on all your employee’s devices - just imagine how much an off-the-shelf app can cost for a firm with a hundred of employees!

Bespoke Equals Flexible

Other advantages of the custom database is its flexibility - it goes along with your business, and our experts ensure that it is regularly updated to meet your changing demands. We will take the time to get a deep understanding of your inner processes to create an intuitive and user-friendlysystem because it incorporates activities and processes that your employees are accustomed to perform. We improve the way you work instead of adding an overhead. Want to design a system that will bring you business to the next level? We are here to help.

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Support and Maintenance

Our broad experience in app development means we can instantly see what works and what does not work in your existing software and suggest ways to improve it, extending its lifecycle and ensuring continuous efficiency. We can work with your in-house team or as independent development team to update your existing digital products and improve their usability. Moreover, you will not have to completely abandon the usage of your software while it is being updated, because er will updates it by parts so that you will be able to continue running your business as usual.

Third-Party Software Maintenance

Many businesses find themselves in an unpleasant situation when a development specialist who supplied them with a bespoke system cannot support its product any longer. Our skillful experts can give you a helping hand, facilitating the transition from your previous software supplier and offering our professional support services. Thanks to our huge experience, we can get familiar with your software in no time. You can be sure that every modification our firm introduced moves your business forward and utilises the latest technologies and trends. Building a quality software, you invest into the future of your business, because quality is what inevitably pays off in the long run.

Why Choose Us to Support Your Software?

  • We plan software and specify requirements on the basis of your financial capacity - it is you who define how much you are willing to invest into the online success of your business.
  • Hiring our experienced app development team, you reduce risks connected to software development and get the support of the leading experts on the mobile industry. It spare you from the need to hire full-time development team and enables you to address your software development needs only when necessary.
  • To add more, outsourcing app development to our development firm, you give yourself an opportunity to focus on other important aspects of your business instead of spending time on software development.
  • We carefully select each member of our development team, choosing only the most qualified, experienced and talented designers, development experts and managers who meet our high development standards.

Contact Our Support Specialists

Our specialists will answer you as quick as possible - you will not have to wait for days until we contact you. We are proud of our reputation of a software development firm that cares for its clients and always aims at establishing a mutually beneficial partnership. However, if you feel that we are failing to meet your expectation or you have any troubles working with us, you can contact our support center, and we will see to any issue you have and quickly resolve it.